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  • Matthew Leavitt

Introducing EasyTime 1.2: Unleashing More Power and Flexibility!

In the world of Clarion development, precision and flexibility are paramount when it comes to working with date and time functionality. EasyTime has been my trusted companion for many Clarion projects, simplifying time-related tasks and enhancing my projects. Now, it's time to take it up a notch with EasyTime 1.2!

I'm thrilled to unveil the latest version of EasyTime, packed with exciting features and improvements that will empower your Clarion applications. Let's dive right into what's new:

New Functions: Get More Insight with EasyTimer and EasyCountDown

EasyTimer.GetTimeFrequency and EasyCountDown.GetTimeFrequency: You can now retrieve the time frequency of your timers and countdowns, offering a deeper understanding of your time management.

Enhanced Return Types: More Data at Your Fingertips

EasyTimer.GetTotal and EasyCountDown.Remaining now offer the flexibility of returning not only numeric values but also the Decimal and Real data types. This refinement provides greater precision in your time calculations.

Repeat at Intervals: Set Your Countdowns Free

With EasyCountDown, the new feature Start with Repeating Intervals gives you the power to configure countdowns to repeat at a specific interval. This capability is a game-changer for projects requiring periodic actions triggered by countdowns.

Multi-DLL Compatibility: EasyTime Adapts to Your Needs

EasyTime 1.2 introduces seamless compatibility with multi-DLL applications. It adapts to your project structure, ensuring that you can harness the full potential of EasyTime in complex software solutions.

Default Events: A Distinct Event for Every Object

EasyTime now generates and registers distinct default events for each EasyDateTime and EasyCountDown object. This enhancement provides clarity and control, making event handling more straightforward.

Embed Points: More Access, More Control

For your convenience, EasyTime 1.2 includes additional embed points around the EasyDateTime.Alarm and EasyCountDown.TimerDone procedures. These embed points offer expanded customization and control over event handling.

Explore with Confidence: New Demo App

To help you get started and explore the full potential of EasyTime 1.2, I've included a brand-new demo application. The demo app serves as a hands-on guide, demonstrating how to leverage EasyTime's capabilities effectively.

Watch the Webinar!

Want to learn more about the incredible features of EasyTime 1.2? Watch the webinar where I'll walk you through all the new functionalities and share some tips and tricks on how to make the most of this update.

Upgrade to EasyTime 1.2 today and unlock a new level of precision and flexibility in your Clarion applications. This version is a testament to my commitment to delivering top-notch tools that empower you to create outstanding software.

Ready to dive into the enhanced EasyTime experience? Download EasyTime 1.2 and access the new features and improvements. Your journey to more precise and efficient time management starts right here.

Thank you for choosing EasyTime, and I can't wait to see the remarkable applications you'll create with these new enhancements. Stay tuned for more updates and happy coding!

With EasyTime 1.2, the world of Clarion development just got more exciting and efficient. Embrace the power of precision and flexibility, and watch your projects shine brighter than ever!

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