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My Experience

I am a Clarion developer with 15+ years of experience with Clarion, and 10+ using NetTalk to make web servers and connected apps. I got my start working for a small family based software company working on their point of sale system. In that time I was able to take their old standalone back office portion and convert it into a modern cloud system. This also involved creating a new way for their tills to communicate with the cloud.

User First Programming


When creating software I like to first figure out what the user expects from the software, and how they expect to interact with it. I then create code to fulfill those expectations. If I have to choose between complex code or a complex user experience I will choose the complex code. The result is an app that is more user friendly and less quirks that exist because it was easier on the programmer.

Software that can Comunicate

Modern software needs to be able to talk to the outside world. Apps are more connected now then ever. Whether it's payment processing, client-server communication, or talking to cloud services I have yet to see a 3rd party api I couldn't talk to. In some cases I can even talk to services that aren't designed for it.

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