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  • Matthew Leavitt

EasyTime 1.1 now available!

I'm excited to introduce the latest update to EasyTime 1.1, packed with new features and improvements that will elevate your Clarion applications to new heights. With version 1.1, I've added a range of functions and fixes to make your development experience even better. Here's what's new:

New Feature:

  • Set: This function will now also set the timezone bias to your current timezone. You may also specify a bias. With this enhancement, EasyTime 1.1 offers greater flexibility in managing time zones. The bias is the difference, in minutes, between UTC time and local time. UTC = local time + bias. You can easily configure the bias according to your current needs or specify a custom bias to suit your application's requirements.

New Functions:

  1. GetUnixTime: Now you can easily obtain the Unix timestamp for any date and time, making it simpler to work with Unix-based systems.

  2. GetUnixEpoch: Need the Unix epoch time in your applications? This function lets you retrieve it effortlessly.

  3. SetTimeZoneOffset: Customize your time zone offset as needed by providing the bias. This function allows you to set the time zone offset to match your specific requirements.

  4. ConvertTimeZoneOffset: Convert time zone offsets between different time zones with ease, utilizing the bias as the difference, in minutes, between UTC time and local time. This ensures consistency in your time-related calculations.

  5. ToHex: Transform data into hexadecimal format effortlessly with the new ToHex function, expanding your data manipulation capabilities.

  6. FromHex: The FromHex function complements ToHex, enabling you to decode hexadecimal data back into its original form.

  7. IsLeapYear: Determine whether a year is a leap year or not, simplifying date and time calculations that involve leap years.

  8. CopySystemTime: Copy system time settings to streamline your application's interaction with the system clock.

  9. DaysInMonth: Calculate the number of days in a specific month, providing essential information for various time-related operations.

  10. DaysInCurrentMonth: Obtain the number of days in the current month, ensuring accurate month-end calculations.


  • Difference and AddTime functions now calculate months correctly: I've addressed an issue where the Difference and AddTime functions sometimes produced incorrect results. With this fix, you can rely on accurate month calculations in your applications.

I believe these additions and improvements will significantly enhance your experience with EasyTime and help you develop more robust and precise Clarion applications. Over time, I've used this template for building various applications in the domains of Business Software and Software Contracting with great success.

To access these new functions and the enhanced "Set" feature, make sure to update to EasyTime 1.1. You can download the latest version here.

As always, I value your feedback and input. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for further improvements, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Your insights drive my commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Thank you for choosing EasyTime, and I look forward to seeing the remarkable applications you'll create with these new features and enhancements. Happy coding!

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